A few motivated individuals will receive tailored psychological help to maximize their personal sales and strategize building their organizations to maximum productivity.

Pat brings 30 years of psychological expertise to the business coaching experience.  She has worked with thousands of people on how to “up” their “Deserve Level” and achieve more success.  By getting one-on-one attention, your ability to use psychology in your business will be greatly enhanced.

Pat’s goal is to sharpen your psychological skills of motivating yourself and your people for achievement by setting boundaries, holding people accountable and stopping procrastination.  She teaches specific techniques for ANY challenge you face.  An in-depth, personal interview on how you may be sabotaging your career will also be included.

One-On-One Session

The session is for 1 hour: session is via the phone. You pay the cost of the call.

“I used Pat’s material with my group and recruited 88 new recruits in six weeks!”
– Nina Wade

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Group Business Coaching

Group business coaching via PHONE is an excellent way to promote a business breakthrough. This is a small group with personal interaction with Pat. Every call focuses on a specific issue such as turning around negative thoughts dealing with the emotions in the business and self-motivation among others. Pat will focus on each person and their specific issues that are challenging them in moving forward. She will also train you on how to use these new insights to build a stronger and more productive team.

“Pat’s coaching and insight has made a dramatic difference in my business. Within six months of coaching calls, I had 2 offspring Directors, a DIQ, did Unit club and earned my first Cadillac! She truly helps you to understand and get inside your own head. Thanks Pat!”
– Julie Sharla

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Your Direct Selling Company’s – Private Business Coaching

Small groups of professionals meet for 2 hours monthly. Currently, there is a group in Southern California consisting of 10 people.

“I believe I sabotaged myself which was preventing me from my goal of reaching the Million Dollar Unit Club. After working with Pat, I know understand what I was doing and how to get out of it. I just will not let this happen again. We doubled our efforts, we doubled our fun, we doubled our production and by golly, the MILLION was done!”
– Ann Sherman

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