Direct Selling Companies

Gratitude Recruiting

What does everyone need to do to grow their business…RECRUIT! What’s the most dreaded activity that attracts procrastination?  RECRUITING.  Everyone has to recruit to stay on the edge.  The question is how do you feel when you recruit? Do you feel like you are bothering people or being pushy?  Or are you excited about offering the “gift” of your business?  Pat Pearson, MSSW will help you to understand how to change the attitudes of your team about recruiting and eliminate negative talk about it.  Pat will show how to reframe their fears about recruiting.  This will literally turn your recruiting function around!

Resilient Leadership

Many professionals enter their business on an emotional high and end up on an emotional low.  How can you  keep them feeling good and making money? This seminar will address all the powerful emotions that can get in the way of obtaining and keeping success in your business. Pat will provide tools to deal with disappointment, hurt and rejection, and the action steps necessary to move through them and stay productive.  Learn the skills to help you and your team become emotionally resilient and truly achieve at new levels with Pat’s tested program.


You Deserve More Sales and Recruits

Are your team members making all the money they need and want?  Are they producing to their potential?  If not, they are sabotaging their sales.  Pat has found that what you create in life is determined largely by what you think you deserve.  Most sell what they expect to sell; no more and no less.  If they aren’t selling enough, they are unconsciously sabotaging their efforts.  When you learn the psychology of “Deserve Level”, your team can stop sabotaging and increase sales. In this program, Pat focuses on the “inner sell” of believing in your abilities and shows your team how to choose a new level of sales success.

People Smart: Who Motivates The Motivator?

Motivating and keeping people producing at high levels is a constant challenge.  This program focuses on increasing performance in two specific areas:  work productivity through effective communication and how to help someone without getting involved in the problem.  This seminar provides attendees with new tools for life and business.