Group Business Coaching

Do you want a breakthrough in production or recruiting this year?
Do you want to increase your production 40 to 60%?
Do you understand that the problems your people are having are largely about how they think and feel?
Learn how to get and keep your people working through group business coaching.

Group business coaching via PHONE is an excellent way to promote a business breakthrough. This is a small group with personal interaction with Pat. She will give information on a specific topic and will help resolve the self-sabotage issues of how to get to the next level in your business.

She will then teach you how to do the same with your people.


There are three sessions for each class; approximately once a month. These sessions consist of 10 – 12 people per group via PHONE for 1 hour. We can arrange a call-in number or we can use an existing one that is used already with your group.


These coaching sessions are a graduated program of learning specific psychological steps to help yourself and your people. We will focus on Beliefs, Feelings, Motivation, Fears, Self Sabotage and Communication Skills.

After three sessions you can be confident that your psychological understanding of yourself and your people will significantly improve. This understanding can then be translated into increased sales and recruiting.