I first heard Pat speak about self sabotage at the EBW Summit in 2017. I knew immediately that this was the key to unlocking the sticky patterns of self esteem and self confidence that many of my clients were facing. I began to incorporate her theories and practices into my own coaching business. Being able to help other women release their lifelong sabotage patterns and have more success in business and in relationships has become a very fulfilling part of my work. This addition to my practice has also helped me more than double my revenue this year. Pat is an excellent coach, facilitator and teacher and I'm so grateful to call her a mentor.
We are both in the business of helping people to develop their talents and abilities to the fullest. God bless you for helping people change their lives for the better.
Mary Kay Ash
Founder & Former President | Mary Kay, Inc.
You are truly an inspiration to all our independent consultants and I can always trust you to captivate our audience with your informative speeches using your entertaining and powerful style.
Robert M. Henry
Chairman & CEO | Arbonne International
Thank you for the tremendous positive impact you have had on the lives and the success of our Marketing Partners. Since your appearances at our major events, we have heard the many excited comments, seen the personal growth, and experienced the resulting growth of the entire Orenda International organization.
Robert W. Hall
Co-Founder | Orenda International
Our people commented that you had a unique brand of inspiration and introspection that went far beyond what you would see from other high paid motivational / hype speakers. Our leaders felt the personal growth learned at your presentation would allow them to proceed past the self-inflicted barriers that people instill in themselves and grow to new personal heights.
Ted Silverberg
President | Biometics International, Inc.
Thank you so much for serving as a role model and inspiration to Tastefully Simple consultants and leaders when you keynoted at our Regional Conference 2005! By modeling the willingness to move ahead into the POSSIBILITY arena and by sharing your heart with us, you have made a difference in the lives of many.
Jill Blashack
President & CEO | Tastefully Simple
Thank you for the quality and content of your presentations before Body Wise audiences. It is clear from our consensus reports that your message is not just accepted, but literally metabolized! We have just heard that you will be traveling to promote a new book. Our over 60,000 U.S. Distributors will be touched by the opportunity to know of your schedule. Please let me know of your travel schedule so that we can set up the opportunity for this audience to see you again.
Thomas Tierney
Chairman | Body Wise International, Inc.
I know many people experienced what I called "ah-ha moments" as you helped them understand their own motivations more fully while you empowered them to be more effective leaders with their downline. Pat, you provided powerful keys for helping each Educational Consultant unlock more of her potential, and we are grateful to you!
Director of Training | Discovery Toys
Thank you so much for your presentations at our 2004 National Conference and our 2004 Executive Seminar. You did a great service by introducing our field leaders to the psychological aspects of success in their direct sales businesses. With the larger audience at National Conference, you did an excellent job of explaining complex issues in simple language that related to their real-life experiences. At Executive Seminar, you dug deeper with our top leaders to explore the key issues more thoroughly. At both events, participants especially appreciated that you shoed them how to work positively, productively, and professionally with others, without falling into the "therapist" role. Thank you for providing both relief and resources! You made a difference for many people, and I'm delighted you were so well-received. It was a pleasure to work with you.
Doreen Grass
Director of Sales Training | The Pampered Chef
Whenever I've used Pat's ideas in a conference with a Director the self-discovery is exciting. It's often proven to be a breakthrough that frees them to move up to the next level (or keep the position/car they've just achieved.)
Joan Brunner
National Sales Director Emeritus | Mary Kay Inc.
I use these CDs with all of my directors. Everyone should use the audios as a psychological library for your people. Any Director can have it as a tool to educate and motivate their people and not be the one source of everyone's needs.
Gwen Sherman
National Sales Director Emeritus | Mary Kay Inc.
Many people have shared with me how listening to Pat or reading her book has helped them so much in the overall success in their business as well as their personal lives. I continue to be amazed at Pats insight into women's issues and how great it is to hear her tapes which are full of fun and insight.
Kathy Z. Rasmussen
National Sales Director | Mary Kay Inc.
I can't begin to tell you what a drastic change these audios have made in my life! I work with so much more confidence and sense of direction than ever before in my Mary Kay career. I preach these audios to my Directors and I know that many have ordered them. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life in O! so many areas. I really need to get on the band wagon with this in sending these CDs to my "KEY PEOPLE" moving into their "Red Grand AM" and onto Directorship as we're building our NSD area! Since using these audios I have seen a 20% increase in production
Mary Creech
Future National Sales Director | Mary Kay Inc.
It's helped me and I help so many people with your material. I use your CDs and books almost exclusively. I went from skipping production to a steady $8 - $11,000 every month. I've increased my production 40% by using these audios.
Pat Turza
Sales Director | Mary Kay Inc.
Thanks a Million for all your support. Your coaching has enabled me to continue to grow my business to bigger and better heights. Reaching the prestigious Million $ Unit Club can be attributed to understanding myself and my unit members, how to recognize self sabotage and how to stop it. You are so appreciated.
Ann Sherman
Future Ex. Sales Director