One-On-One Session

Do you feel like you have hit a plateau? Not sure why you aren’t booking more appointments, recruiting more people, or not making the money you think you should?

By getting one-on-one attention, you gain the psychological tools to take your business to the next level. You will receive tailored psychological help to maximize your personal sales and strategic building your team to maximum productivity.

Let Pat’s 30 years of psychological expertise give you the tools to pick yourself up, regain self assurance and see the path to have fun and make money. Pat has worked with thousands of people on how to “up” their “Deserve Level” and achieve more success.

Pat’s goal is to sharpen your psychological skills for motivating yourself and your people for achievement by setting boundaries, holding people accountable and stopping procrastination. Pat teaches specific techniques for ANY challenge you face. An in-depth, personal interview on how you may be sabotaging your career will also be included.


The session is for 1 hour. The session is via the phone.  You pay the cost of the call.


Every call focuses on a specific issue such as turning around negative thoughts dealing with the emotions in the business and self-motivation among others. Pat will focus on each person and their specific issues that are challenging them in moving forward. She will also train you on how to use these new insights to build a stronger and more productive team.